About us


Fenix TNT

FENIX TNT s.r.o., founded in 2009, aims at managing innovations to create and transfer social, environmental, economic and industrial sustainable value for companies and entities through research and technology processes. Fenix TNT is collaborating with more than 30 countries and developing projects in the sectors of: advanced materials, industrial, renewable energies and new production processes. The company focus its commitment on technology transfer, which allow generating collaborative and reliable business environments to achieve an economy based on knowledge and talent development. Fenix TNT provides technology consulting services in an “Open Innovation”approach as collaboration and cooperation driving force for technology transfer.

Fenix TNT has a long experience in the preparation of dissemination and exploitation plan within the framework of research and innovation projects funded by the European Commission, including comprehensive business and commercialization plans for innovations in the construction sector.

The company, also, develops communication strategies for private organizations and collaborative projects funded by European Commission, creating a proactive network among research environments, industrial communities and the media. Regarding this, Fenix defines the target audience and identify the most suitable dissemination and outreach channels. Fenix has inhouse video editing expertise to properly communicate the key messages of innovations at different levels, citizens, policy makers, scientific community, etc.

Meet our team

We are progressive young professionals with experience and enthusiasm for the work we do. We are open to new opportunities and challenges which motivate us and move our expertise forward.

Ing. Petra Colantonio
Program Manager
& EU Project Specialist
Ing. Lenka Novotna
Project Engineer
Ing. Anna Smidova MSc.
Business Analyst
Mgr. Gabriela Urbanova MSc.
Innovation Analyst
Ing. Martina Bakesova
Marketing and Communication Specialist
Bc. Petra Topolcanova
Marketing and Communication Specialist
Alessia Villani
Multimedia Specialist
Mgr. Barbora Blaskovicova
Legal & Intellectual Properties Specialist
Bc. Ondrej Kallab
Finance Specialist